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Dear Valued Patient,
On July 24, 2019, Allergan issued a voluntary worldwide recall of BIOCELL® textured breast implants and tissue expanders. Allergan is sending affected clients a letter advising you of the recall. Please be advised that we are fully aware of this recall and are taking action to assist our breast augmentation patients affected by this recall.
The FDA determined this recall is due to a RARE symptomatic disease known as ALCL that CAN result from having the textured breast implants/tissue expanders. It has been stated that FDA does not recommend the removal of these products from any asymptomatic patients. If you would like more information on Allergan's voluntary recall, please click here.
Please note, this recall does not affect Allergan's NATRELLE® smooth or MICROCELL® breast implants and tissue expanders. My primary priority is the safety of my patients. It is standard policy that our breast implant patients be seen once a year for a follow up post-surgery. Please call our office if you have not been seen in over one year and schedule your follow up appointment.
If you are experiencing swelling of the breast, significant pain, or asymmetry, please contact our office to speak with our staff on scheduling a follow up appointment. These symptoms do not always pose a threat but should be evaluated.
My staff and I are available to assist you with any questions you may have. Please call our office at 239.482.7676 and ask to speak with Rachael, Practice Manager.
Joseph Mazza, MD
If you would like more information on Allergan's voluntary recall, please click here.
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