Upper & Lower Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Joseph Mazza, board certified plastic surgeon, offers eyelid (Blepharoplasty) surgery at his Mazza Plastic Surgery center located in Ft. Myers, FL.

Your eyes are one of the most important features of your face. It is said that your eyes help to define who you are, and they express a variety of emotions. But, unfortunately as we age, the skin around the eyelids begins to thin, stretches and the muscles weaken. Also, fat pads, or “bags” tend to appear under the eyes. Drooping upper eyelids, dark circles, and fat pods combined can cause you to look older than you are or give the appearance of tiredness.

Eyelid or eyelift surgery, referred to as blepharoplasty by plastic surgeons, is the surgical correction of the upper and lower eyelids. A blepharoplasty is a common aesthetic procedure as it helps men and women address issues associated with the loose and sagging eyelid skin that is a part of growing older.

Trust your eyelid rejuvenation surgery to a board certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Mazza has performed countless eyelid surgery procedures to help his patients refresh their facial appearance.


Do your family and friends often ask if you are tired and if you are sleeping enough? Droopy eyelids can not only make you look older than you are but can also interfere with your vision. Blepharoplasty can correct this problem and help remove the bags under your eyes. However, if you want to reduce the wrinkles and eliminate your dark circles, Dr. Mazza will advise you on combining your eyelid surgery with a brow liftfacelift or advanced skin rejuvenation procedures.

Dr. Joseph Mazza can help you determine if you are a candidate for eyelid surgery and which procedure(s) will enhance your eyes and help restore you to a more youthful appearance.


Dr. Joseph Mazza will examine you during your consultation process for your eyelid surgery. He will also discuss your facial enhancement results you desire. Some of the considerations, in addition to your overall health, include the degree of visual obstruction and your skin type and ethnicity. A vision exam and test of your tear ducts may be required.

Blepharoplasty performed by an experienced plastic surgeon is a safe procedure. Upper eyelid surgery, referred to as “double-lid” surgery, will dramatically open up your eyes. This procedure is done by carefully marking the lines and creases of the lids so that once the incision is made the excess fat and loose skin can be removed. Very small sutures are delicately placed and hidden in the skin’s (natural) folds.

If a patient elects to have an upper eyelid procedure with a brow lift, Dr. Joseph Mazza performs the brow lift first so that the brow is placed in the correct position. The brow lift effectively tightens up the excess eyelid skin. The remaining loose upper lid skin is removed and minute sutures are placed on the skin edges. Dr. Mazza is extremely cautious so the precise degree of tightening is done to ensure that your eyes look natural and can comfortably close after surgery.

For those patients who are bothered by lower eyelid puffiness, or bags, primarily due to excess fat, an incision is made inside the eyelid. This procedure is called a transconjunctival blepharoplasty. Dr. Mazza precisely removes and repositions the excess fat to eliminate the bags. This is important as “hollowing” out of the eyes is avoided under the eyes. With this procedure there will be no visible scarring.

Blepharoplasty is done in an outpatient surgical center and you will need to have someone drive you home. It is advisable to have someone stay with you for a few days to aide in your recovery.

It is advisable to elevate your head to keep swelling to a minimum. For any mild discomfort you may be experiencing, pain medication can be prescribed for a few days. Also, your eyes may feel drier than normal and artificial tear solution can be used.

Dr. Mazza recommends that you don’t drive for least 7 to 10 days after surgery and limit your activities.


Joseph Mazza, M.D. is an experienced aesthetic (cosmetic) surgeon who incorporates his advanced surgical skill with his artistic eye to produce natural looking results for his patients who desire to rejuvenate their face with an eyelid lift. If you desire extraordinary patient care in a safe, modern and professional environment, choose Dr. Mazza.

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